This Is How You Can Buy Groceries For The Entire Month In One Trip

The lines, crowded aisles, and the constant struggle of matching the right sales with the perfect coupon (or the guilt that comes when you give up trying)—ahhh, grocery shopping. What’s not to love?

One mom blogger, Renee of Tune My Heart Blog, has had enough. She will no longer subject herself to this weekly torture. Instead, she gets it all done in one super-strategic monthly trip.

How does she do it, you ask? Careful planning, of course.

Renee sits down with her family calendar and a blank meal calendar and makes sure that they line up. Faster meals for busy nights, no purchasing food for evenings when no one will be around to eat it anyway, and so on. Already, this sounds efficient.

The system does necessitate a second trip halfway through the month just for fresh produce. If you follow Renee’s suggestion to use salad items first, then green vegetables followed by the frozen, your initial haul should last you two weeks.

produce photo
Photo by Atom Ess

One of Renee’s final tips: leave the kids at home. She says the trip will go much faster without them. If you are forced to keep them in tow, be prepared to bribe them for their cooperation as this shopping experience will take longer than your average trip.

Renee lays out all these details and more in a guest blog for Money Saving Mom.