These Hand-Drawn Temporary Tattoos Look Like The Real Thing

This is a fun way to see if a tattoo is for you!

Trends come and go, and tattoos are no exception. Did you know nearly one in three people who have tattoos regret getting one? Thankfully, an artist has created a line of temporary tattoos that allow you to wear them like you would any other accessory.

Fine artist Dani Egna created the INKED by Dani line of temporary tattoos using designs she’d hand-drawn herself. Forget the temporary tattoos of your youth, the cheap party favors that would begin to flake off almost instantly. Egna’s designs are bonafide body art.

Inked by Dani

The artist draws inspiration from popular tattoo trends. You’ve seen them on Instagram. Those tiny hearts tatted on hands. Those inspirational tattoos on the undersides of wrists. The type of tats that really speak to you now, but might not be so meaningful in a decade or so. 

The tattoos are sold at more than 15,000 retail locations, including Target, Ulta, CVS, Forever 21, Wamart, Bloomingdale’s, Francesca’s and Hot Topic. Individual tattoos start at just $1.50, but you can also purchase curated packs that contain multiple tattoos for $12. Most of the tattoos last for two to four days. But those on your ankle, upper arm or back may last as long as two weeks.

Egna told us that some of the most popular designs going into 2020 include small geometric designs like stars, hearts, triangles and diamonds, as well as celestial-inspired tattoos like moons, shooting stars and constellations. 

Inked by Dani

Another trend that’s here to stay?

“Flower designs are classic and chic,” Egna tells us. “They can be edgy or delicate, depending on your style.”

She adds that they’re a fun way to play with color, too, and that roses and sunflowers are especially in right now.

Some others that caught our eye? There’s this minimalistic outline of a world map that’s just right for a travel lover:

Inked by Dani

And these artsy waves: 

Inked by Dani

You can finally get a chic tattoo, without committing to permanent ink! How cool is that?