You can buy jars of crispy M&Ms chocolate spread on Amazon

Have you ever loved something so much you just wanted to bottle it up and enjoy it whenever the mood strikes? The creators of Crispy M&Ms have heard our secret heart’s wish and invented a chocolate spread that has us craving some sweet treats right now.

If you’ve never experienced Crispy M&Ms, then let’s give you a brief rundown on these craveable candies. Think of your classic chocolate M&M candy surrounding a light crispy center that blends the creamy and crunchy texture people love. That sounds amazing, but you couldn’t take those candies spread them on anything you like…until now!


If you’re a fan of Nutella, then this latest addition to the chocolate-spread world should make you very happy. The spread is made of chocolate hazelnut mixed with the colored crispy candies that make Crispy M&Ms pop.

In fact, people may decide to push aside the classic Nutella in favor of the new flavor in town. One look at the tweet from First We Feast might have us converted:

The Crispy M&M spread is not actually new. It debuted in the United Kingdom back in 2018 but has finally made its way across the pond to the U.S. market. We can imagine putting it on everything from fruit, toast, waffles or whatever strikes their sweet tooth fancy.

The good news is right now, you can find Crispy M&M Spread on Amazon. However, such incredible goodness in a jar doesn’t come cheap. A 350-gram jar of Crispy M&M spread costs $9.35 on Amazon, not including the $7.99 in shipping costs. So, altogether, this makes the sweet, spreadable treat about $18 a pop.

And, if you want a jar before the holidays, you’ll want to order soon. Crispy M&M Spread is not Amazon Prime-eligible and estimated delivery dates are between Dec. 13 and Dec. 31. But, it’s the perfect addition to a holiday treat like a Pastry Christmas Tree, so it’s worth the splurge and extra delivery time to snag a jar for your holiday treats!

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