New Peanut M&Ms popcorn looks like the perfect sweet and salty snack for movie night

When it’s time for your next movie night, you’re going to want to have this new sweet and savory popcorn option ready to roll — Peanut M&M Candy Pop!

Snack Pop makes a variety of popcorns mixed with our favorite sweet treats, but M&M’s fans have probably been wondering: Why haven’t they used the classic one-two punch of sweet and salty from peanut M&M’s in this delightful mashup? Well, Snack Pop is finally here for you.

Exclusively at Sam’s Club for a limited time, this latest flavor is a mix of popcorn and Peanut M&Ms, all covered in a chocolaty drizzle. The sweet and salty snack has 150 calories per serving and is priced at $5.98 for a 20-ounce bag.

Sam's Club

This is far from the only popcorn loaded with candy pieces from Snack Pop. Along with mini M&Ms popcorn, you can also buy Snickers popcorn, Butterfinger and Twix Popcorn, which is coated with Twix, then drizzled with chocolate and caramel.

Aside from candy flavors, Snack Pop also has cookie options, including Chips Ahoy Cookie Pop popcorn and Oreo popcorn, which features Oreo pieces and is drizzled with Oreo’s creme filling.

Sam's Club

Sam’s Club also has another new, limited-time popcorn: Truffle Salt Popcorn from Live Love Pop. This savory popcorn is lightly flavored with a bit of Italian truffle. Every batch is made by hand, and a 14-ounce bag is $4.98.

You can also try making your own candy- or cookie-flavored popcorn, and there are tons of recipes to try, like this recipe for salted caramel popcorn or this moose munch that combines caramel with white and dark chocolate.

Of course, you could also simply toss your popcorn with your favorite candy or chop up some cookies and mix it all together — and maybe add in some chocolate or caramel drizzle!


Do you like your popcorn with some added sweetness?

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