Starbucks’ Buy One, Get One Free Iced Beverage Deal

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This summer has been a scorcher, so what better way to cool down than with an iced coffee? Better yet, how about two?

On Thursday, Aug. 16, Starbucks will host another one of its popular happy hour events — and this time, iced beverages are the drink of choice! From 3 p.m. to close, Starbucks lovers can buy one grande or larger iced drink and snag another one for free.

That means you can enjoy your iced caramel macchiato while your best friend sips on their iced vanilla latte. Or you can keep both of them for yourself — we won’t tell.

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So how do you take advantage of this offer? Simple: Just sign up for Starbucks rewards and you’ll get a promo code to show to the barista when you visit. Once you’re signed up, you’ll also get notified about future happy hours and other deals through your email or the Starbucks mobile app.

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If coffee isn’t your thing, then opt for Starbucks’ shaken strawberry green tea infusion or its shaken iced passion tango tea lemonade. Both iced drinks are delicious and refreshing, and will definitely cool you down on a hot August day!

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Just remember, this happy hour event excludes frappuccinos, bottled drinks and Starbucks Reserve beverages. You also can’t combine Starbucks’ buy one, get one deal with any other discount or offer.

Low-Carb Starbucks Options

Wondering how to get your Starbucks fix while adhering to the trendy keto diet? Here are a few options for you.

Double Shot on Ice

Hip2Keto has got you covered: This unsweetened double shot on ice features three shots of espresso. With almond milk or light heavy cream, and your choice of sugar-free syrup or artificial sweetener, it makes for a refreshing beverage.

Strawberry Frappuccino

Now this just sounds delicious. Fashion Wanderer has a way to make the new Serious Strawberry Frappuccino keto-friendly! Ask your barista to use freeze-dried strawberry instead of Starbucks’ normal strawberry base and puree (which both likely contain hidden sugars) Then add sugar-free syrup and heavy whipping cream.

Iced Pineapple Black Tea

You can still enjoy Starbucks iced tea beverages if you’re doing keto. Hip2Keto likes the unsweetened iced black tea with a fruit infusion (such as pineapple) and sugar substitute.

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