These limited-edition peppermint drumsticks are the perfect wintertime treat


While ice cream is traditionally a summertime treat, if you’re like me, your cravings don’t end just because summer does. I simply shift my need for ice cream to different flavors when the weather changes, like pumpkin in the fall and peppermint in the winter.

Luckily, every holiday season there are new and returning treats in stores that satisfy my love of ice cream, while helping me feel festive. One seasonal treat returning this year will have you thinking of summer and the holiday season — limited-edition peppermint Nestle Drumsticks!

Yes, those classic waffle cones traditionally filled with vanilla ice cream, then coated in chocolate and peanuts, have gone festive with three peppermint flavors.

Choose from peppermint, peppermint fudge and chocolate peppermint in this variety pack. Each flavor is dipped in chocolate, with the peppermint fudge flavor also having a fudge swirl on the inside. (None of the cones in the peppermint variety pack have the traditional Drumsticks’ roasted peanuts on top. Because that just wouldn’t go with peppermint.)

While not new, these treats are only around for a limited time during the holiday season. You can find them at Walmart now for around $6.47 for an eight-count box.


These peppermint flavors are far from the only Drumstick flavors in stores. You’ll find everything from fruity treats like banana and strawberry to candy-inspired cones, like Butterfinger (which have some of the crunchy inside of a Butterfinger bar in the chocolate coating, as well as cookie Drumsticks and dulce de leche.

There is even a Kit-Kat drumstick that comes in vanilla or chocolate and includes pieces of Kit Kat wafer in the chocolate shell. You can get a 16-count box at Sam’s Club for $9.98.

Sam's Club

But back to the holiday flavors. Blue Bunny has a brand new ice cream flavor called Snickerdoodle Sleigh Ride that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Not only is it sugar cookie-flavored, but it also has snickerdoodle cookie dough and snickerdoodle cookie pieces, plus cinnamon graham crackers, red icing swirls, green sugar sprinkles and red and green candy bunnies.

Blue Bunny

You’ll also find Häagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark ice cream back on store shelves (currently $3.59 at Target), and Breyers has a brand-new frozen peppermint hot chocolate ice cream.

YUM. Who’s ready for holiday treats?

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