Pickle-flavored gummies are a must-try for pickle lovers


Fans of gummy candy have an adventurous new flavor to check out! The folks at Vat19 are taking the gummy game to a whole new level with their Gummy Pickle.

Calling their clever creation a “good-sized gherkin made of gummy,” Vat19 provides a truly mouth-watering (puckering?) description of the magical mashup of flavors: “This all-gummy ‘vegetable’ is flavored like a sour dill pickle with the chewy texture of gummy.” Good heavens, Peter Piper, sign us up!

Priced at $5.99 for one sizable gummy gherkin, pickle purists will appreciate the attention to aesthetics. The quarter-pound gummy pickle has “the approximate size of the popular snack, complete with a stem and bumps you would find on the real dill.” The company further describe the taste as “a distinctly dill flavor mixed with the sugary sweetness of gummy.”


Naysayers may scoff, but the Gummy Pickle is sure to pique the interests of pickle fanatics everywhere. Sadly, the sweet and briny candy vegetable is currently sold out, and is expected to be back in stock by May 8.

But not to worry! If we have you craving all things dill, Vat19 can hook you up with their Pickle Candy, which offers “a dill-forward bouquet and a sweet finish” and comes in a cute little green tin.


If you need us, we’ll be over here making champagne gummy bears and hoping the Gummy Pickle is back in stock in time for picnic season!


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