You can buy a scarf designed to look like a ridiculously long CVS receipt

CVS receipts are known for being absurdly long — a fact that has inspired a thousand memes and the disapproval of some people over how wasteful the pharmacy chain can be with its ink and paper. Now, an Etsy seller has created a meme you can wear in the form of a scarf that looks like one of those mile-long CVS receipts.

Etsy seller TheCarmichaelShop sells a CVS receipt scarf that is sure to get you some smiles. Not only is the scarf far more useful than an actual CVS receipt, it would also be a fun gag gift to give to a friend or co-worker who shops at CVS.

Of course, it may not be ideal for wear in the dead of winter, as the seller says in the item description: “This scarf will not keep you warm, but it is cool.”


Retailing for $19.99, the scarf is handmade and printed on polar fleece and the shop has received nothing but rave reviews so far from buyers. TheCarmichaelShop isn’t the only Etsy seller who makes a CVS receipt scarf, though.

Here’s another one, from the Etsy shop ReceiptScarves, which obviously specializes in this type of thing. It costs $19.95 and is printed double-sided on soft fleece. Like the first scarf, it’s designed more as a novelty item than warm winter wear, but will still be fun to show off!


Scarves are not the only CVS receipt-themed clothing items you can find on Etsy, either. There’s also this $22.50 necktie from Etsy seller SuitableTies. The listing notes that you can customize the tie with the recipient’s name and address. Be aware that the barcodes and other details on this tie are generic, so you won’t be able to use the coupons on the tie at CVS — as hilarious as that would be to try.


Honestly, is there anything you can’t get on Etsy?

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