‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fans Can Now Buy An ‘Ew, David’ Face Mask

Wearing a mask is imperative in curbing the spread of COVID-19, and experts say we should expect to be wearing them for the next year, or until a vaccine is developed.

But at least while we’re covering up, we can wear cool masks like these “Schitt’s Creek”-inspired designs. Etsy seller Phat Straps is selling hand-cut masks with two layers of cotton and one layer of non-woven fabric and, of course, a hilarious vinyl design that gives a nod to the iconic Alexis Rose.


The masks come in three different sizes and retail at $18.95. Shop them here.

Other Etsy sellers are offering similar designs, with Etsy shop AestheticsPrinting offering an “Ew, David” design complete with a picture of David Rose (Dan Levy). Made out of cotton and with two layers of protection, this mask runs for $12. Shop the masks here.

Etsy, AestheticsPrinting

Looking for other “Schitt’s Creek” designs? How about this hilarious (and utterly appropriate) option from seller SitcomSensations?

Featuring David Rose’s quote “I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now,” this mask comes in a variety of different colors, including a white or black band option and font colors in black, green or pink. It’s priced at $16.50 and can be found here.

Etsy / SitcomSensations

Or rep your “Schitt’s Creek” pride with this multi-use neck gaiter, which can be used as a face mask, bandana, neck warmer or even a headband. The soft mauve cotton is printed with a “Rose Apothecary” graphic, so you can look as chic as a Rose even if you feel like Roland Schitt on the inside.

Etsy, Understated Duo

Find it here from Etsy seller UnderstatedDuo. The neck gaiters run at $28.99 and also come in other colors like orange, white, black, blue or baby blue.

Or try this hysterical option from Etsy seller MamaSewNerdy. These masks have a crow design, which is a sly nod to Moira Rose’s role in “The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening,” which is one of the funniest parts of Season 5.

Etsy, @MamaSewNerdy

Find it here for $20 in four different sizes, including men’s, women’s, teen and child.

Which “Schitt’s Creek” design is your fave?