Buy Slim Jims that taste like Sonic’s chili cheese dogs

Business Wire/Sonic, Conagra

If you’ve ever had a chili cheese dog, you know just how messy they can be. But thanks to a new collaboration from two beloved brands, there’s an easier way to enjoy the flavor — in a Slim Jim.

Sonic and Slim Jim have joined together to create a new flavor of the classic meat stick: Sonic Chili Cheese Coney Slim Jim. Available at Walmart and select convenience stores, the new Slim Jim flavor features 11 grams of protein per stick and is available in individually wrapped, Monster-sized 1.94-ounce sticks.

“Through partners like Slim Jim, Sonic fans can enjoy their favorite flavors at home and in new formats,” Lori Abou Habib, chief marketing officer for Sonic, said in a press release. “For the first time ever, we’re taking a beloved entrée flavor, the Chili Cheese Coney, and creating a tasty, craveable snack.”

Business Wire/Sonic, Conagra

The Sonic Chili Cheese Coney flavored Slim Jim joins a lineup of other products featuring Sonic’s flavors at mass, grocery and specialty stores, including a pre-workout drink mix, gelatin and pudding mixes and frozen ice pops.

The Sonic slushed pops include iconic flavors like ocean water, cherry limeade and strawberry lemonade, while freezer bar flavors are ocean water and strawberry lemonade.

While this is the first time Sonic has partnered with Slim Jim to create a new flavor, it is not the only unique Slim Jim to hit shelves in recent years.

Along with traditional flavors like original and tabasco, you can also get honey barbecue, spicy taco, cheesesteak and even dill pickle. The Vlasic Dill Pickle Slim Jims have six grams of protein per stick and no artificial flavors or colors.

Slim Jim

While they seem to have the most unique flavors, Slim Jim isn’t the only brand of meat stick on the market. Jack Links also has several flavors including teriyaki and hot and spicy, plus a combo pack that includes a jalapeno-flavored beef stick and a cheese stick.

Will you be trying the new Sonic Chili Cheese Coney Slim Jim?

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