Green chile vodka is the spicy new spirit you’ll want to try


If you like a hint of spice with your hair of the dog, you’re going to love this green chile-infused vodka from St. George Spirits. This vodka pairs well with everything from the Bloody Mary you mix for brunch to the martini you sip alongside dinner, so you might want to purchase a few bottles for your liquor cabinet.

This photo from the St. George Spirits Instagram account will quickly convince you to add the chile-flavored vodka to your weekend routine:

You can get a 750-milliliter bottle for around $26.99 when you shop online, and you may be able to find a bottle at your local liquor store if you don’t want to have to wait for it to ship.

Use the store locator tool on the St. George website to see if a store near you carries the product.

Retailers such as B-21 and Astor Wines have the vodka available to shop online:

Astor Wines

According to the St. George Spirits website, this vodka features a bright, robust flavor, as four different peppers are infused into the vodka during the distilling process along with fresh lime peel and cilantro. The in-depth process leaves a slight green tint to the vodka and a taste that can be described as “boozy salsa fresca!”

Due to its intense flavor, it can be used to make some incredible cocktails. You could simply mix this with club soda and lime, add it to your Bloody Mary to heat it up or get even more creative with your chile cocktails. The St. George Spirits website has several recipe ideas to get you started.

For example, citrus and spicy green chiles make for a delicious combo in the spicy paloma recipe from St. George Spirits.

The recipe calls for fresh grapefruit juice, club soda, fresh lime juice, a dash of sugar and the green chile vodka. Once you’ve got your ingredients, mix everything but the vodka in a cocktail shaker and shake until the sugar has dissolved. Strain into a glass, stir in the vodka and garnish with a fresh slice of grapefruit.

St. George Spirits

Sipping on spicy cocktails sounds like the perfect way to round out the summer season.



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