You can buy a faux succulent potted in Chip from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Succulents are the hot trend that just keeps on growing. It feels like everywhere you turn, these plants are popping up, from nail art to throw pillows that bring a touch of nature into any room.

Though the low-maintenance nature of succulents is a big draw for people who admittedly don’t have a green thumb, the succulent-shaped pillows prove that this trend isn’t necessarily about keeping houseplants alive. For those of us who want a no-care option when it comes to our houseplants, faux succulents are the way to go. But if want an extra dose of Disney magic sprinkled on it, then you need to check out this new faux succulent potted in Chip, the adorable teacup from “Beauty and the Beast.”

We have to confess that we want to sing endless choruses of “Be Our Guest” to this adorable little guy.

From his perfect little flaw to his handle nose, Chip is the perfect little pot for a decorative plant. According to the description, he has a high-gloss glaze finish, and the faux succulent is set in coarse sand glued into place. Chip stands 5 inches tall and 3 inches across. And, since you don’t need to water the plant, you can set Chip and his succulent safely anywhere in your home to add a touch of Disney magic. You can buy this faux succulent in Chip for $14.99 at ShopDisney.

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But there’s more magic to be had — Chip is part of a new “Beauty and the Beast” home decor collection at ShopDisney.

The collection also includes this enchanted rose snow globe. When you shake it, gold glitter and rose petals float around the carved rose. It’s $69.99 at ShopDisney.

Enchanted rose snow globe at ShopDisney

This “Be Our Guest” throw blanket is a beautiful addition to any room. The woven blanket shows music from the song and features Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts and is edged in pink tassels. It’s $39.99 at ShopDisney.

Be Our Guest throw blanket ShopDisney

Ready to settle in at home with this collection and try the grey stuff? It’s delicious!