Buy this flaming cauldron diffuser just in time for Halloween

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No witch is going to want to be caught without this new cauldron diffuser at HomeGoods that has TikTok going crazy. But be prepared: Getting your hands on this diffuser might be harder than getting a pair of ruby slippers.

That’s because this is more than just a plain old cauldron. The Flaming Cauldron Essential Oil Diffuser not only diffuses lovely oils of your choice, but it also has a light that can be changed to purple, green or yellow. When turned on, the diffuser releases “smoke” from the cauldron that will turn your living room into a spooky (and scented!) sanctuary.

TikTok user @b_macabre13 shared footage of the cauldron in action, and as you can see, it looks downright magical:


@HomeGoods does it again. Take all my money. Its fine🖤 #halloween2023 #homegoodshalloween2023 #witchythings

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The video has already gained over 1 million likes, so it’s no wonder it’s becoming really difficult to find in stores. (Of course, if you’re really desperate, there are people selling these diffusers on eBay and Mercari…but they’re charging up to $70). To compare, if you’re lucky enough to find one in-store, it should only cost around $16.99, according to commenters on @whtvrxruby’s TikTok video of the cauldron:


The search is over 🖤 🔥 we found the Mahli flaming cauldron diffuser at a TJ Maxx a million miles away from home 😮‍💨 #halloweenhomedecor #halloween #cauldrondiffuser #diffuser #homedecor #fyp

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Essential oils are sold separately, but obviously, pumpkin-scented oils are an obvious choice. But for the discerning witch who lives to ride the broom less traveled, try the Hocus Pocus Enchanted Fragrance Oil from Magic Candle Company. Scented with clove, musk, birch and peppercorn, this fragrance will make your home smell so witch you’ll attract every black cat in the neighborhood.

The Flaming Cauldron Essential Oil Diffuser is from aromatherapy brand Mahli, and you can only find it in stores. Yep, no online ordering! You are going to have to get out your broom and hunt for this essential Halloween decor in person.

If you can’t find the diffuser at HomeGoods, you can check stores like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. And, like we said before, this diffuser has already gone viral on TikTok, so don’t be disappointed if one store is out of stock. Searching for this essential oil diffuser will be half the fun: May the best witch win!

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