Cabinet Company Follows Oprah’s Lead And Takes 800 Employees On A Cruise

Before you start looking forward to 2017’s goals, take a minute to celebrate all that you accomplished in 2016. It can be easy to get caught up in the future and making progress, but it’s necessary to take a moment to feel proud for all that you’ve already done. Gary Bertch, co-founder of Bertch Cabinet in Iowa, is one person who really gets that.

Bertch is talking all 800 of his employees on a week-long Caribbean cruise to celebrate meeting their goals as a company in 2016, according to The Courier. (Raise your hand if the holiday bonus you received is suddenly seeming a little . . .unimpressive.)

“We leave Jan. 8,” Bertch told The Courier. “We’ve got four charter aircraft that will be flying directly to Miami Sunday and staying at a nice five-star hotel. Then on Monday, we’ll bus over from the hotel to the port and load up on the ship.”


Apparently, this is something Bertch used to do for his employees quite frequently until the recession hit—and we bet his employees are glad he’s bringing back the policy now that the economy is doing better. Clearly, when it comes to treating his staff well, Bertch has the same mindset as Oprah, who took 100 of her staffers on a cruise back in 2009, according to Daily Mail. If there’s anyone’s business model you need to emulate—it’s definitely Oprah’s. So, Bertch is really on to something here.

“We were anticipating we’d have better sales again this year,” Bertch told The Courier. “We just tried to get all of our people pumped up a little more to achieve the various goals, both customer-oriented goals and financial goals.”

A week relaxing under the Caribbean sun? We can’t think of a better way to give your employees a pat on the back for meeting a goal or to get everyone excited to work hard again next year. Happy travels Bertch Cabinet employees, and here’s to an incredible 2017!