This handy kit has everything you need to quickly hide ugly TV wires

A TV is mounted on a wall with no wires visible.

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Hanging a television on the wall is a great way to elevate your TV to eye-level and save floor space, as there is no need for a television stand. One downside to hanging a television on a wall, however, is all of the wires that will be hanging from the TV to your outlet and any of the devices you’ve got it connected to.

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You’ve probably seen tons of cord-hiding solutions but one of the cleanest is with an in-wall concealer, like this Echogear In-Wall Cable Concealer Kit that lists on Amazon for $60. The kit includes nearly everything you’ll need to route your power and audio-visual cables behind the wall; just add a drill and you should be able to complete the project in around 30 minutes.

While the kit works for television HDMI cables, it also works for ethernet and audio cables and includes the appropriate drill attachment and locking bracket wings that hold onto your wall from behind for a secure fit. While you will have to drill a hole in the wall, and it definitely takes more work than simply plugging something in, customers say it’s pretty easy and there is a video tutorial that should help.


With more than 4,000 reviews so far, the cable concealer kit has a total rating of 4.7 out of five stars, with 84% of reviewers giving it a perfect grade.  Customers say the kit is super easy, works for all kinds of cables and gives the wall a clean look.

One reviewer who gave the kit five stars called it an “easy solution for hiding wires,” saying it was perfect for their bedroom, where they wanted to hide wires from their wall-mounted TV.

“Instructions were very clear and simple enough to do one my own … I had my TV back up with no wires in about 30 minutes,” they wrote.

Some customers also offer tips on how to install it, including making sure to use a stud finder and a quality drill. Without a stud finder, you may end up drilling a wide hole in the wall in a place where the kit will not work.

One reviewer who ended up having to return it still gave it five stars, as the issue was with their walls, not the product, so they stressed the importance of making sure it will work for you.

“Received the kit which was nicely put together. high quality. However, I had to return. My walls have cross-studs/bracing or sometimes called “cats.” As such, the wire cannot completely make it down the wall vertically,” they wrote. “Shame I couldn’t use this kit because it seemed nice. Run a stud-finder down the wall vertically before buying! Glad I did before I started drilling holes.”


The brand makes a few other similar products as well, like this Cord Hider for $22 and this TV & Sound Bar Cable Concealer & Power Kit for $100.

You can also buy electrical outlet covers that come with an outlet power strip to organize your cords. Priced at $25, the covers eliminate unsightly plugs and cords and are 90% thinner than traditional plugs and cords, which means sofas, tables and cabinets can sit flush against the wall, giving you more floor space.

Because this device includes a three-outlet power strip, you’ll also be gaining more outlets, and it includes double sided, removable adhesive strips and adhesive cord clips, to hold the cord neatly against the wall. With more than 33,000 reviews, 82% of customers give the covers a full five stars.


Do you have any sneaky hacks for hiding unsightly wires?

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