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Cadbury’s New Mini Eggs Have A Sparkly Shell

Almost too pretty to eat!

With all the December celebrations out of the way, holiday-lovers now have Valentine’s Day and Easter to look forward to. And while Easter still seems like a lifetime away, Cadbury’s new Easter candy might help you get into the spirit a little early.

The candy brand has some new tricks up its sleeve for 2019 — and you’re going to love what they’re rolling out. You can now shop a new and improved version of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs called Cadbury Shimmer Mini Eggs. And yes, just as the name suggests, they shimmer and shine.

They seem to be the same coated milk chocolate candy as usual, but instead of having a pastel outer layer, there’s a shimmering effect to the festive candy shell.

You can already find these candies available for purchase online in 9-ounce bags via Candy Warehouse where a bag goes for $6.90 and includes about 70 pieces.

Candy Warehouse

They were also once available on Amazon, but appear to be currently sold out, unless you’d like to purchase them from a third-party seller. It may just be worth it for sparkle like this:


Of course, keep your eyes peeled when grocery shopping, too, because the @CandyHunting Twitter account has already spotted these on Target shelves, per their Twitter announcement:

Not only will these candies fit perfectly inside plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts, but they’ll also look great in candy dishes and even make a fun topping for candy-filled Easter desserts.

When it comes to Easter candy, Cadbury really knows what they’re doing!

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