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‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro Opens Up About How He Lost 35 Pounds

Way to go!

“Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro has made a booming business out of his sweet tooth, but that doesn’t mean the 41-year-old does nothing but eat cake all day. In fact, Valastro just dropped 35 pounds, and he is sharing the journey with his fans.

Valastro has been showing off his new svelte figure on Instagram for a while now, but he only recently started to talk about exactly how he shed the pounds. (And why he decided to lose weight in the first place.)

However, he was also quick to note that despite his endorsement of the program he used, he is not being paid to promote the business:

As his Instagram post explains, Valastro lost serious weight by using the Optavia program. The “Cake Boss” executive producer told People he first heard about Optavia from his brothers-in-law and decided to try the diet in order to reset some of his bad eating habits.

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The Optavia diet program is based on eating six small, healthy meals throughout the day. It might sound familiar if you’ve heard of Medifast: Optavia is the updated version of Medifast’s Take Shape For Life program, except with this new program, participants also have access to coaches to help people keep track of their weight-loss journey.


Valastro said on Instagram that “you should do whatever suits you,” and it looks like he found something that suits him:

Weekends are for famiglia! Graduation party today @lisavalastro4

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About his new weight loss, Valastro is quick to point out that it is not about vanity.

“Even at my heaviest I was always comfortable with myself,” the “Cake Boss” star and bakery owner told People. “I’m not doing it because I’m trying to look good, I’m doing it to feel better. I feel so much better now. But when you do lose weight, you feel good, you do look better, and you know, your clothes fit.”

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Although Valastro has lost 35 pounds, he says he still has 15 more pounds he wants to shed. Keep up the hard work!