Couple Smashed A Cake Pinata Instead Of Serving Cake On Their Big Day

Luke and Mallory

The only thing better than actual wedding, it turns out, may not be another dessert alternative like cupcakes or donuts, as have become popular with brides in recent years.

The ultimate wedding cake alternative, it turns out, may be a wedding cake piñata!

Instead of serving cake to their wedding guests, Karen Chan and Clayton Lee decided to go an unexpected route and have a piñata shaped like a wedding cake at their reception, instead.

Not only was this a fun surprise for wedding guests, it was the couple’s way of smashing traditions—literally—and it turned out to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen go down at a wedding.

Luke and Mallory

“To start with, I’m not one for wedding traditions—there were so many things that people insisted I had to have but I didn’t understand why,” the bride explains in a blog post. “To be honest, Clay and I are not huge fans of cake! GASP! While we’ll eat it and try cakes at events, there are just so many other desserts we prefer over cake. And that’s why in lieu of cake we opted for churros, served with a drizzle of dulce de leche.”

So, they provided a great dessert alternative after all. Churros? Yum!

But they certainly didn’t ditch the notion of the traditional dessert altogether.

“And while it’s a tradition to have cake, we felt a bit rebellious and decided on an alternative cake at our wedding: a piñata cake,” she wrote.

“It was a blast to have at our wedding and all guests, kids, and grandparents alike loved the piñata bashing equally, if not more than the goodies. We filled it with party toys and snacks, traditional Mexican treats, bubble blowers, party poppers, and of course, little bottles of booze-filled chocolates for the adults,” she continued.

Amazing Piñatas is the company responsible for creating such an epic, breakable cake. Although, based on the video, this thing was very sturdy.

If you have something like this at your wedding, guests may have to get involved on the smashing to reveal the goodies inside!

Luke and Mallory

OK, is this amazing or is this amazing?

If you happen to be planning a wedding right now, this could be all of the inspiration you need to ditch the cake if that’s not your style.

And if this wasn’t enough, there’s also this pizza cake that will have you fleeing from tradition on your big day!


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