California Grilled Chicken Will Become A Weeknight Favorite In Your House

Even though there are thousands of different ways to prepare chicken, sometimes you can get the sinking feeling that you’ve exhausted them all. With this recipe for California grilled avocado chicken, you have a healthy, flavorful dinner sorted, and it feels refreshingly unique!

What makes this grilled chicken recipe from The Recipe Critic so magnificent is the marinade. It’s a honey-garlic balsamic sauce that turns a simple chicken dish into a truly restaurant-quality meal. To make the marinade you need just balsamic vinegar, honey, garlic, olive oil, Italian seasoning, and salt/pepper to taste. Then, after marinating for 30 minutes, you grill the chicken, and top it with a slice of cheese, avocado, and freshly diced tomatoes and basil. Looks delicious, right?

There are other ways to assemble this recipe, though. Rather than dicing the tomatoes and avocado, Clean Food Crush tops the chicken with slices of the cheese, tomato, and avocado, adds a fresh basil leaf, and then drizzles the balsamic mixture. The result is a dish that tastes like pure decadence, but is healthy and wholesome.

Clean Food Crush

Got leftovers? No problem. This chicken would be perfect for lunch the next day on toasted slices of sourdough. (Pack the chicken in a Rubbermaid container separate from the veggies and dressing to keep it from getting soggy). Or slice up the chicken and serve it on a bed of green salad — this dressing is perfect for greens!

If it isn’t warm enough to fire up an outdoor grill, you can use a griddle iron or you can cook the chicken on the stove in a cast iron pan. You can also bake the chicken instead of grilling; 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes is a good bet, but it depends on the size and thickness of your breasts.

Need some ways to use up the rest of your avocado? Incorporate them into your breakfasts, zhush up your avocado toast, or try a delicious avocado-based recipe, like bacon-wrapped avocado.