200 goats broke loose and ran free through a residential neighborhood

We’ve seen some entertaining videos during the quarantine but this one has to be the G.O.A.T. (aka, greatest of all time).

A serene neighborhood in northern California was overrun by a herd of about 200 goats this week, resulting in what one resident called “pure chaos.” It happened in San Jose’s Silver Creek neighborhood on May 12, when the goats busted out of their enclosure and ran wild through the streets.

Zach Roelands caught the liberated livestock on video as they were running through a street of the affluent suburb, stopping to munch on flowers in someone’s lawn as they went. His clip makes Silver Creek look like ground zero for the cutest monster movie you’ve ever seen.


“This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine,” he wrote in his post, which has been liked more than 111,000 times already. The video itself has been viewed more than 3 million times!

Obviously the internet is loving this band of furry fugitives, but we’re not sure the people who were sitting front-row for the running of the goats enjoyed it quite as much. In a follow-up tweet, Roelands revealed that the goats “ate all the plants and pooped all over the grass” before they were herded back and safely housed behind a fence.

The great escape actually represented a short vacation for the goats, who were brought to Silver Creek to do some important work. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the animals come in every year to eat dry brush off the nearby hills in order to cut down the risk of a wildfire.

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Another neighbor, Amit Patel, told the newspaper that the event brought some needed entertainment during what has been an extremely dull time for many of us. “It was especially a welcome change during the shelter-in-place time,” Patel said. “We love the goats and look forward to seeing them every year from our backyard and now in our front yard.”

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