This Camper Converts To A Yacht So You Never Have To Choose Between Land And Sea

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Investing in a recreational vehicle is a big decision. Do you go with a camper that will help you explore the reaches of our beautiful country?

Or do you go with a boat to enjoy all that the open water has to offer?

In the case of the Sealander, a camper than transforms into a yacht, you don’t have to decide — you get both.

This ingenious contraption hits the road connected to a trailer hitch, like a regular camper, and then operates like a flat-bottomed boat with an outboard motor on water.

While the Sealander is not the most spacious yacht or camper on the market, the company says that it fits up to six adults.


You can configure the space as benches for hosting or as a bed for sleeping.

You can upgrade the basic design to include such amenities as cooking and washing stations, and audio setup.

There’s also the option to add a toilet to the cockpit storage locker to convert it to a bathroom.

Each Sealander is custom-built at the factory in Germany, and you can choose your own interior finishes as well as exterior colors.

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So how much will the Sealander set you back? The basic model starts at around $17,000 and takes about eight weeks to build.

See it in action here:

Pool Floats For Summer Fun

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Dachshund Pool Float

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But, if you’re looking for some more fun for your summer swimming days, here’s a few other pool float options to consider.

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If food or animal floats aren’t your thing, and you’re looking to satisfy your thirst, then you might want to pick up this amazing pool bar float. You and three of your best buddies can lounge around in the AhhQua Bar, which has four chairs, a built-in cooler, and, of course, cup holders!


Pizza Float

A six-foot floating piece of pizza? That sounds like a slice of heaven! And, you can put a bunch of them together to make an entire floating pie!


Donut Float

As you can see, this floating donut is looks almost good enough to take a bite out of before tossing it in the water.