You can see millions of stars from this ‘bubble hotel’ in Mexico

A huge part of traveling for many people is finding a nice place to stay, and unique hotels can provide their own sense of adventure to your vacation. If you’re heading to Mexico and want to enjoy the outdoors while still indulging in luxuries like a comfy bed and private bathroom, you’ll want to check out Campera Hotel in Baja California, where you can spend your evenings in a bubble tent in the middle of a vineyard.

Campera is a 10-“bubble” hotel, and each room contains a full-size bed, and luxurious amenities. Since the tent is clear, guests are able to gaze up during the night to check out what the hotel boasts is “5 million stars” in the sky above. There are both “bubble rooms” and “bubble suites” available, with the latter providing more room, but both sleep two guests and come with vineyard views.

Campera Hotel

Since the rooms are located on a vineyard, you’ll get easy access to wine-tasting from the Docepiedras vineyards, where the bubble hotel rooms are nestled between. And since Baja is such a food and wine destination, you’ll also have access to over 80 more vineyards in the area, along with over 20 restaurants.

It might sound bizarre to stay in a bubble overnight, but these rooms were designed in France and are made with the high-grade materials. According to the site, “The Bubbles are designed to withstand the most aggressive climates. They have been tested on harsh terrain, and are pressurized to offer a safe and immersive experience.” They also offer air conditioning and heating, so you don’t have to worry about what time of year you head to the vineyard.

Campera Hotel

You can make a reservation for one of those adorable hotel rooms by visiting the Campera Hotel website or their page on Airbnb. Cozying up in a bed while stargazing with a glass of rose? Sounds like a dream come true.