Campfire cinnamon rolls are a delicious camping trip breakfast

If you love camping, you know how much fun it is to get outdoors and away from the daily grind. One of the challenges, though, can be finding tasty yet easy campfire meals.

Of course, there are the classic camp food standbys such as roasting hot dogs and s’mores over the open fire. There’s something comforting about putting food on a stick and holding it over the flames. It’s a feeling and a flavor you just can’t get in a kitchen.


But, we’ve found an idea for a camp breakfast that puts a sweet spin on using a stick to cook a snack: campfire cinnamon rolls! That’s right. The classic breakfast favorite is made even better if you bring it outdoors.

We spotted the recipe for Campfire Cinnamon Rolls on the website Dessert Now, Dinner Later (a great name and even better idea, really). Amber, the owner and culinary artist behind the website, said in the original post she wanted to share a recipe that was “easy to pack, easy to cook, and delicious to eat.” We agree with her that these campfire cinnamon rolls tick off all three boxes.

Amber’s trick to making successful campfire cinnamon rolls is using a yeast-based frozen dough. The dough needs to be cold to keep its shape when placed on the roasting stick and cooked over the fire. You’ll want to put the frozen dough in a cooler with ice to let it defrost slowly so it will still be cold enough to cook properly.

Once you are ready to make the campfire cinnamon rolls, Amber has a special trick to make sure the roll stays on the roasting stick. It’s all about where how you pierce the dough so it doesn’t slip off. It takes a while to cook these over the fire, but the end result is so worth it!

She shares all the best tips and the exact method in her full recipe post.

Dessert Now, Dinner Later

Of course, you don’t need to pack up and drive anywhere to make these delicious campfire cinnamon rolls. You can use a patio fire pit at home or even a grill if that’s easier.

If the thought of cooking the campfire cinnamon rolls on a stick seems a little scary, you can always follow Amber’s tips on how to use aluminum foil or a pie tin to prepare them. Blogger Mel Lockcuff from Adventures of Mel also offers a variation on this recipe that uses a biscuit mix, with rolls cooked over a camp stove. Also, check out Almost Supermom’s version of Campfire Cinnamon Roll-ups, which is made with crescent roll mix twisted around wooden skewers for faster cooking.

In any case, be prepared for a camp snack that just might give the s’more some sweet competition!

Looking for other fun and easy cinnamon roll variations? You can use an air fryer to make easy cinnamon roll bites with your trendy counter-top appliance, thanks to Pillsbury. Or turn them into another common breakfast food — pancakes from Recipe Girl or waffles from Pillsbury — complete with a gooey cream cheese glaze.  Enjoy!

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