You can buy a rich chocolate pie at McDonald’s in Korea

If you find yourself in Korea at any point in the near future, you might want to take a break from the usual sightseeing and restaurant-hopping to pop into the first McDonald’s you see and order yourself a local fast food delicacy: an ooey, gooey, fried chocolate pie.

Yep, while those of us at stateside McDonald’s locations are limited to boring old apple pies, McDonald’s customers in Korea are enjoying a menu item called “rich chocolate pie,” AKA a fried chocolate pie crust stuffed with melted chocolate and served in that familiar cardboard pie holder:

The rich chocolate pie is priced at 2,000 Won, which comes out to about $1.80. Obviously, Instagrammers have been quick to embrace this delicious and photogenic menu item:

Now that you’ve added, “go to a Korean McDonald’s and eat a chocolate fried pie” to your bucket list, here are a few other treats from international McDonald’s menus that will either make you drool with envy or say, “Wait, what?!”

Pineapple Oreo McFlurry

Customers in Colombia can order this sweet, fruity take on the classic McFlurry.

Twisty Pasta With Egg And Veggies

Hong Kong McDonald’s locations offer up a few different kinds of noodles, but this particular noodle bowl is actually on the breakfast menu. Rise and shine!

McDonalds Hong Kong

Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

This neon dessert comprises bubblegum syrup combined with soft serve ice cream and topped with a generous serving of marshmallows. Where’s the squash, you ask? That’s what the marshmallows are called. No vegetables are included.

Chicken McDo With Spaghetti

Venture to a McDonald’s in the Philippines and treat yourself to a hearty piece of fried chicken, called a “chicken McDo,” with a side of spaghetti and red sauce. Now that’s a meal.

Sweet Temptation Frutti di Bosco

Italian McDonald’s know they have to be on top of their ice cream game to keep up with the country’s famous gelato shops, so they offer this gourmet dessert made with four layers of gelato, berries and toasted nuts.

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[h/t: Mashable]