Can You Find The Pikachu Hidden Among The Charlie Browns?

Good grief, that’s a lot of Charlie Browns! Hidden among our favorite Peanuts character is a cute little Pikachu. Can you find him?

Not sure what a Pikachu is? Here’s what he looks like:

Frustrated? Keep scrolling to get the answer.

In the meantime, let’s play a little Peanuts trivia, shall we?  Can you name this other Peanuts character?





Yep, you’ve got it.




Too easy?




Linus. You’re right.




But do you know his last name?




If you said “van Pelt,” you are correct!




And do you remember which Peanuts character loved Linus so dearly?




Think about it…





Maybe you’ve got it…




That’s right!






Sally! Remember, she always called him her “Sweet Baboo”? But poor Sally, for Linus never paid her much attention. Sigh.



Now back to that Pikachu…



There he is! Barely visible.


But why was Pikachu hiding in the first place? Maybe someone pulled his tail. Here’s some fun facts about one of the most beloved Pokemon characters:

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1. There Are Male And Female Pikachu

How can you tell the difference? The female has a dent in her tail. Who knew? I certainly wouldn’t have noticed this difference if I weren’t looking for it.


2. The Name’s Meaning Is As Cute As It Sounds

In Japan, “Pika” is the sound electricity makes. “Chu” is the Japanese interpretation of the sound a mouse makes. We’d say “squeak,” they’d say “chu.” How cute is that? Since Pikachu is a mouse with electric powers… it all makes sense now.

3. Is It Pikachu Or Pikachus?

Pikachu is the official plural form of the word, according to Wikipedia. If you aren’t a big gamer, however, you could probably get away with saying “Pikachus” for clarity. We have this same question when it comes to emoji. Is the plural emoji or emojis? While sophisticates would probably say “emoji” for plural and singular, it kind of just sounds better in regular use to say “emojis,” and we’re frankly fine with that!

pokemon go pikachu photo
Getty Images | Jean Chung

4. Pikachu Is Huge In Japan

In Japan, Pikachu is as popular as Mickey Mouse. Often, people will dress in Pikachu costumes and make appearances at outings and events. Pikachu got a second life in the U.S. when Pokemon Go took the country by storm in the summer of 2016 and people all around the country spent days walking around with their noses in their phones searching for Pokemon.

pokemon go photo
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

OK, now that you are up on your Pikachu knowledge, are you ready for more hidden pictures?


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