Here’s How To Make Homemade Doughnuts With Just Two Ingredients

A baker’s dozen from the doughnut shop can sweeten up any Saturday morning. But one thing you can’t box up and take home: That sugary aroma that swirls about the shop.

An easy solution: DIY doughnuts at home. You don’t have to be a pâtissier (or even know that’s the fancy French word for “pastry chef”) to master this two-ingredient doughnut recipe courtesy of The Kitchn. Actually, all you need is a tube of prepared biscuit dough (your secret is safe with us) and some oil to convert that dough into doughnuts.

Plus, if you make your own doughnuts at home, you’ll never again have to experience that specific brand of anxiety that you feel when the person in front of you in line at the doughnut shop orders the last Bavarian cream.

The biscuit dough is flexible and easy to work with, and your doughnuts only need about a minute-long bath in the hot oil before they’re ready, dishes The Kitchn. You just pop open the can of biscuit dough and punch out holes in the center. It’s even easier if you are making a custard-filled doughnut because all you need to do is fry the whole biscuit. Once you heat up vegetable oil in a Dutch oven or cast-iron skillet, you can drop in the biscuits. They’ll turn to golden brown doughnuts in about a minute. It’s as easy as pie…er, as doughnuts.

To sweeten the deal even more, you get to choose your doughnut’s destiny. Fill it with jelly. Sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar. Go ahead, put some bacon crumbles on that chocolate-frosted doughnut for a sweet-and-savory combo — there are no rules when it comes to doughnuts!

Once you’ve got the basic doughnut mastered, take a cue from the expert-level doughnut makers below and get creative with your fried masterpieces.

Sweetest Menu shares some genius ways to dress up your doughnuts, including a fruit glaze and cereal topping with this recipe. (Can we count this fruity glaze as a serving of fruit?) Doughnut, fruity glaze and crunchy cereal? We call that a breakfast hat trick!


Now, hurry up, and take that store-bought dough can out to the recycling bin. Nobody has to know just how easy it is to make these sweet treats!