You Can Make Sushi At Home With This Cool Kitchen Gadget

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Most people don’t attempt to make their own sushi at home. Creating one of those fancy rolls seems far too complicated. How will you roll up everything without creating a giant mess?! But even if you’re not a sushi chef, there’s a way to make your own sushi rolls at home in just minutes—no special skills required.

All you need is the Sushezi Sushi Maker, a handy tool that’s going to make all your sushi dreams come true.

Camp Chef

This genius kitchen gadget allows you to skip the restaurant and make your own perfectly round sushi rolls at home. How? The Sushezi is a durable, plastic tube that spits out flawless cylinders of fish and rice with just a few simple steps.

How does it work? The Sushezi opens into two halves, and all you have to do is add rice to both sides. Carve out a little space for your fillings of choice, close the two sides together, and use the plunger to pop out a perfectly-shaped rice roll onto some seaweed. Wrap it up with the nori, slice up your pieces and you’re good to go.

Camp Chef

The Sushezi can be used with fish, crab or even just veggies, for those who aren’t on board the raw fish train. You can also use the Sushezi to make desserts such as walnut rolls, fudge rolls, cake rolls and biscuit cookies—or even candy sushi for the kids! It’s also dishwasher safe, which means you can continue to make sushi for nights to come without worrying about the mess.

Camp Chef

Sushi lovers can get the Sushezi Sushi Maker Kit on Amazon for just $29.23, but it’s also available from Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Camp Chef and other retailers. Long gone are the days of homemade rolls that fall apart and look like a hot mess. With the Sushezi, you’ll make it look like you’re a trained sushi professional.

Which roll are you dying to make first?