Cereal Lovers, Rejoice! You Can Buy Just The Lucky Charms Marshmallows

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Stop what you’re doing because I’m about to make all of your breakfast dreams come true.

The best part of your day is saving those Lucky Charms marshmallows until last, right? Because honestly, they make your last few spoonfuls of cereal so much more enjoyable. Not to mention, give your milk just the right amount of sugary sweetness.

Well, you can now order a very similar version of these adorably shaped marshmallows on Amazon. And you won’t just get a single serving of marshmallows with your purchase. No way!

The bag that’s on sale for $10.99 weighs one whole pound. That’s right. A one-pound bag filled with your favorite substance.

Now, it just doesn’t get better than that now, does it?


Medley Hills Farm Cereal Charms, $10.01, Amazon

We can think of a few different ways we’d eat these sweet treats: as an ice cream topper, in hot chocolate, in handfuls on their own… the options abound.

You could also add these to any kind of breakfast cereal you want. Just add milk, and your life will be complete.