McDonald’s Is Bottling Its ‘Special Sauces’ And Selling Them In Stores

Canada has plenty of amazing products that you can only get there—special potato chip flavors and ice cream, fancy chocolateJustin Trudeau (!). But seriously, Canada has some pretty cool stuff. Now there’s something new to envy about the charmed lives of Canadians: They can buy bottles of McDonald’s special sauces.

That’s right, our lucky neighbors to the North will soon be able to pick up bottles of Filet-O-Fish, McChicken, and of course, Big Mac sauce at their local grocery stores and (presumably) take them home to pour all over everything they eat!

“With this launch, Canadians will now be able to experience the world famous sauces they love at home,” McDonald’s Canada spokesperson Adam Grachnik said in a statement to the Huffington Post.

This announcement comes after McDonald’s gave away 10,000 bottles of the Big Mac sauce in January. While in a participating restaurant, customers had to say, “There’s a Big Mac for that,” for a chance to get a bottle. Big Mac sauce fanatics also had the  chance to win a bottle via a giveaway on McDonald’s social media sites. That giveaway was in the U.S., not Canada, so it looks like we Americans at least got to test out the concept first!

McDonald’s is working with Heinz/Kraft to make the sauces. There is no word yet on exactly when they will hit grocery store shelves, but it will be sometime this spring.

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If you just can’t shake your jealousy over Canadians having access to McDonald’s special sauces, some enterprising folks are selling their bottles on Ebay. (We’re not kidding). But you better really love this stuff because at least one bottle has already sold for $75, and some of these listings are pretty outrageous, with people selling the sauces for as much $1,000!

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While there are plenty of great reasons to visit Canada, you might want to add McDonald’s special sauces to the list—because it might actually be cheaper than buying a bottle on eBay! Or, you could always take a stab at making the Big Mac sauce yourself.

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