You Can Now Make Photographs Come Alive, Just Like In ‘Harry Potter’

Perhaps one of the coolest, most futuristic elements in “Harry Potter” series is the newspaper photographs that move.

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Well, the future is now because Apple has just released new technology that will help you recreate that very same magic! With the Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer, you take a still-shot of a video clip (such as a picture of your daughter opening her Star Wars Legos on Christmas morning, or your boyfriend sledding down a snowy hill with your dog), and then you upload it to your computer. Then you print it.

Yep, that’s the printer. How adorable is that?

Then you open the Lifeprint app in your phone and hold your it over the image. You’ll see the picture suddenly come to life!

Watch this in action:

Cool, right?

Yes, the picture will start moving just like the photographs do in “Harry Potter.” Crazy, right!?

This awesome technology will help to make your pictures more dynamic and memorable, meaning that you will be able to preserve your precious memories for years to come. It also makes a clever holiday gift (though a bit of a pricey one at $129.95). Here’s the hitch: you need to order TODAY if you want it to arrive by Christmas.

There are so many amazing things you can do with the Lifeprint. Whether you want to record a holiday recital or Grandma baking cookies with the grandkids, with this innovative new tool you can ensure that your memories are as lifelike and touching as the real thing.

Now, if only someone could recreate other Harry Potter technology, I have a few things I’d like to take care of while under the cloak of invisibility…

h/t: Hello Giggles