You Can Now Buy Your Very Own ‘Princess Bride’ Coloring Book

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Adult coloring books have become extremely popular, and they no longer feature only whimsical images and abstract patterns. Adult coloring books with all kinds of different themes have been popping up lately. Some are even based on our favorite movies or TV shows, and if you’re a fan of “The Princess Bride,” you’re in luck! In honor of the 30th anniversary of the film, there’s now an adult coloring back called “The Princess Bride: A Storybook to Color.” Buy it on Amazon for about $11, and make all of  your artistic dreams come true!

Rachel Curtis

The coloring book, by Rachel Curtis, has over 70 illustrated pages, where you have your choice of coloring screaming eels, the Pit of Despair, Wesley with Princess Buttercup and more. Snag a copy of your own so you can begin to bring your favorite characters to life!

Rachel Curtis

If you’re looking for some other cool adult coloring books to accompany your Princess Bride coloring book, here are a few more ideas. They make great gifts, too!

1. Disney Villains Coloring Book

Typically, it’s the Disney princesses that get all of the fanfare, but sometimes it’s fun to be a little bad. With this coloring book, you can create artistic masterpieces of some of Disney’s most lovably sinister characters.


Amazon, $9

2. Farting Animals Coloring Book

If you don’t take coloring too seriously, you might want to try out this humorous coloring book that includes photos of animals passing gas. Weird, yes, but it can also help you destress by putting a smile on your face.


Amazon, $5.39

3. Mom Life

If you’ve got kids, you’ll love this #MomLife coloring book that cheekily portrays some familiar scenes that will resonate with moms everywhere. You’ve got some alone time, so why not relish it with this relaxing and funny coloring book.


Amazon, $8.09

4. Art Of Coloring Star Wars

Who doesn’t love a good Stars Wars scene? Unwind with this coloring book filled with classic scenes from the Star Wars’ universe.


Amazon, $9

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Coloring Book

Miss the Buffy television series? Revisit your favorite show with this adult coloring book filled with your favorite characters.


Amazon, $10.29