You can now soak in a bath of ramen at this Japanese spa

Japanese Spa Launches New Noodle Bath
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Many people would argue that ramen is the perfect food. The combination of broth, noodles, meat and vegetables is delicious, endlessly customizable (spam! eggs! pineapple! chili cheese!), and somehow feels just as appropriate on a hot summer day as a frigid winter one. There’s a reason the traditional Japanese soup has swept the world in recent years, becoming a favorite of foodies everywhere from Brooklyn to Tokyo to Des Moines.

Ramen isn’t just great for eating though; turns out it’s also great for bathing in.

Yes, seriously.

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Getty Images | Junko Kimura

A spa theme park in Hakone, Japan offers visitors the chance to soak in a giant ramen bowl full of pepper-flavored pork broth. The ramen bath experience at Yunessun Spa House doesn’t just give you firsthand insight into the life of a ramen noodle, it will do wonders for your skin. The spa claims the collagen in the pork broth beautifies your skin and boosts metabolism. After a leisurely soak in the broth, you’ll allegedly leave with moisturized skin and a healthy glow that lasts for days. Pretty impressive for a hot tub full of soup, don’t you think?

You might recall that this isn’t the only food-themed spa treatment available at Yunessun: In addition to ramen, guests also have the option to soak in a variety of beverages, including coffee, red wine, green tea and sake.

yunessun photo
Getty Images | Junko Kimura

Here’s a video of vlogger Starlet Shay taking the beverage treatments for a test drive:


Ready to book your tickets yet? The Yunessun Spa House is located about 60 miles outside of Tokyo, so it’s the perfect destination for a day trip the next time you find yourself in the Japanese capital. Just be ready to smell like pork, soy sauce and wine for the foreseeable future.

It’s a small price to pay for the chance to have your soup and bathe in it, too.

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