You can now visit a ‘Harry Potter’-themed escape room in real life

Gather your “Harry Potter”-loving crew and get ready to take a road trip. Unless you already live near this Michigan establishment, that is.

An escape room company has announced that they’re opening up a “Harry Potter”-themed escape room, but trust me—this place is muggle-friendly.

You won’t be able to use magic to get yourself out of here. No spells can help you. Only your brain power will help you puzzle your way out of here!

Escape Room Novi is known for setting up puzzles for groups to solve in a set amount of time. Visiting locations like this can be great for team-building exercises, or just for anyone who happens to love the Potterverse and solving riddles.

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The business already has a number of other themed rooms. For instance, there’s a jungle-themed room, a diner-themed room and a pirate-themed room. And for the horror lovers, there’s St. Agnes Asylum, which has a chilling backstory complete with an evil doctor and a population of deranged criminals.

But according to a post on their Facebook page, which has since disappeared, a “Harry Potter”-themed room will be opening up in August, and eager visitors will be able to start setting up their reservations in June.

The room will be called “School Of Magic,” and when you’re inside, you’ll be asked to solve puzzles within an hour’s time. So, are you clever enough to get yourself out of any situation, much like Potter and his friends? This will definitely put your skills to the test!


This Michigan location isn’t the only place where you can solve puzzles like these, so here’s hoping that even more “Harry Potter”-themed rooms will pop up all over the country.

There’s already one located in Irvine, California, so soon you’ll have two locations to express your love of “Harry Potter” and riddles all in one place.

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Who’s game?