You Can Have The Official Job Title Of “Wine Queen”

Excuse me while I pack my bags and head to Germany because I’ve just learned that there is an official job title of “Wine Queen” in this country, and I must get over there immediately. I’m definitely qualified for the position. Besides, what else would I possibly want to add to my resume, you know?

The only thing crazier than “Wine Queen” being an official job is the fact that no women were up to the task this year. See why I have to get into the country, stat? They need me!

The town of Kesten just crowned 24-year-old Sven Finke as the “Wine Queen,” a name they’ve now adapted to “Bacchus Castanidi,” related to the Roman god of winemaking, according to NBC news.

NBC News

“After the present wine queen already added a third year to her duties because they could not find a successor, I jokingly said that I would take the wine queen job,” he told NBC.

Little did he know that this would lead to actually getting the position and serving out the duties of the role. He will reign for a full year and serve as an ambassador for the region’s produce.

Then, he will compete against wine queens from 12 other towns in hopes of being dubbed the most supreme of all: the Wine Queen of Germany. May the best woman, err I mean person, win! And watch out because next year—I’m coming for you, Germany!

[h/t: Bustle]