Save Money And Regrow These 10 Foods From Their Scraps

Growing your own produce can be a great way to not only take on a new hobby, but improve your health. However, it can be tough knowing where to start. What seeds do I buy? What kind of vegetables do I even want to grow? The list of questions can go on, and starting your own little garden can seem overwhelming.

However, a great place to start is to work with what you’ve already got. You can start growing some foods in your own home using scraps from produce you have leftover. Growing food this way is an inexpensive and easy option when it comes to cultivating your own produce.

If you want to give growing your own food a chance, try these 10 foods you can regrow just using their scraps.

1. Celery

Celery is one of the easiest vegetables to grow from kitchen scraps. All you need to do is place the base of the celery in water for one week until new leaves appear. Once that happens, you just transfer celery to the ground or a pot for stalks of your own.

celery photo
Photo by Public Domain Photos

2. Avocado

Don’t toss that pit, as it’s actually the seed you need to produce more of the fruit. Using toothpicks, suspend the seed over water so the liquid just touches the base of the pit. Put into direct sunlight, and wait about six months for leaves to appear, at which point you’re able to plant it in the ground.

avocado seed photo
Photo by kibrly

3. Lemongrass

Another easy option, this herb can be regrown by submerging the root directly into water and placing it into some sunlight. Within a week, it can be planted outside.

lemongrass photo
Photo by quinn.anya

4. Potatoes

If you want an endless supply of spuds, just find a potato that has eyes growing from it, and cut into two-inch squares, making sure each piece has an eye. Allow the pieces to dry before planting.

potatoes photo
Photo by noii’s

5. Lettuce

Whether it’s romaine, cabbage, or another type of lettuce, all you need is the root end to grow new plants. Place into some water by the sun, and you’ll begin to see some new leaves sprout. Once that begins, you can eat those leaves or transfer to soil.

growing lettuce photo
Photo by fred_v

6. Onions

Onions can grow both indoors and outdoors by just placing the root end into soil and placing in a sunny spot. Green onions can be placed directly into water and grown.

onion photo
Photo by jimlightfoot26

7. Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be grown using their seeds. Remove seeds from a ripe tomato, rinse them, and place them in a paper towel to dry. Pot them in some soil and allow them to grow.

tomatoes photo
Photo by photon_de

8. Leeks

To grow a leek, just place the root end in some water and leave them by a sunny window. They should begin to sprout within a week.

leeks photo
Photo by Muffet

9. Ginger

Use your leftover pieces of ginger to grow a brand new ginger root. Soak the root in warm water overnight and plant into sphagnum moss. Once new leaves have formed, transfer to a pot. Ginger is best grown in warm climates, so summer is a good time to grow the root.

ginger photo
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10. Pineapple

You don’t need to live in a tropical paradise to grow a pineapple of your own. Use a pineapple top and plant it in either water or soil. Pineapples are slow-blooming, so be patient when waiting for their growth.

pineapple photo
Photo by Infomastern