You Can See The Whole World On This 119-Day Cruise

It sets sail in January, 2019, so there's still time to save your money for a ticket!

Have you always wanted to travel around the world in one trip, but aren’t quite sure how to put together that epic vacation (or afford it for that matter)? Well, have we got news for you! MSC Cruises is now offering a “World Cruise,” a 119-day adventure with stops at 49 destinations in 32 countries.

Why take years to do something that you can knock out in a few short months, all while traveling in style on a luxury cruise ship?!

MSC Cruises USA

The cruise around the world will depart from Genoa, Italy, on January 5, 2019. From Italy, the ship will cruise t0 France, Spain and Portugal. Then, you’ll sail across the Atlantic and to Puerto Rico, Aruba and the northern tip of Colombia before traveling through the Panama Canal. You would hit Los Angeles by February, New Zealand by March and Dubai by April, before heading back to Italy in early May. Wow, what an adventure!

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MSC Cruise USA

The Magnifica, the ship that will take you around the world, has four restaurants and 11 bars for your pleasure. Like most other cruise ships, Magnifica also has a swimming pool and entertainment center.

Here’s a map of the stops on the cruise.

Map of World Cruise
MSC Cruise USA

At each destination, the Magnifica will stop for an average of 13 hours so you can enjoy the port cities along your journey. With so many dream destinations on the route, it’s good to know that the ship will stop in some places for more than 13 hours. Passengers will get more time to explore spots like Bora Bora, Tonga, the Fiji Islands and Hawaii.

As part of the package, you can go on excursions like lagoon snorkeling and national park tours when you reach the shore. Other excursions include food tours, panoramic viewing sites, shopping trips and visits to religious monuments.

This is a room with an ocean view aboard the Magnifica.

MCA Cruise USA

Starting at $18,000—that’s not a bad price when you consider all of the places you’ll visit—you can stay in an interior double occupancy stateroom for five months and travel around the world. The tickets are more expensive for suites or rooms with an ocean view.

Tickets are on sale now. Unfortunately, it appears the most affordable rooms are sold out. but if you have some extra cash laying around, we still think this would be the trip of a lifetime!

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Bon voyage!