Can You Spot The 5 Horses Hidden In This Artist’s Painting?

Bev Doolittle

As an equine enthusiast, I grew up loving Bev Doolittle’s paintings. Growing up around horses, and still riding today, I love looking at her paintings of wild horses.

The way she’s able to capture a horse’s curious eyes, flowing tail and delicate but muscular frame, has always captivated me. Recently, I came across her painting, Pintos, and learned one of her specialties is a “camouflaged technique.”

In the description of the painting on, Bev says, “I was observing a small group of chestnut horses in a grassy meadow when I became aware that they were observing me. This seemed like an interesting situation for a painting. I also thought it would be fun to have the horses observing you, the viewer, before you could find the horses! So I began to think of ways to camouflage them. The chestnut horses became pintos, and the grassy meadow turned into a backdrop of rocks and snow.”

It’s pretty incredible. Can you spot the 5 horses? Share with friends and see if they can spot them too!

Want a hint? Look for the little foal.

[h/t: Little Things]