You Can Stay In A Real-Life ‘Beauty And The Beast’-Style Castle For Only $59 A Night

Be our guest, be our guest...

Go ahead, you’ll want to start humming “Be Our Guest” when you hear about this. To celebrate the live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast,” HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace, has curated a list of 20 real-life castles that you can rent.

But it gets event better: You don’t have to have a royal budget to live out your real-life fairy tale. You can stay in this castle in Germany for only $59 a night! Um, that might be less than that sketchy motel you stayed at during your last road trip. Talk about living that princess life on a pauper’s budget!

german castle

Or, you could rent out this 76,000-square-foot chateau in France for, gulp, $6,500 a night. (It does have 23 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms and sleeps 55 people—so, you know, invite your friends and split the bill.)

“Beauty and the Beast” opened in theaters last month, and brought in a record $170 million in North American sales during the opening weekend, setting a box office record.

For those dazzled by the “tale as old as time,” here’s your chance to live, at least temporarily, in a castle (*no beasts included).

HomeAway has so many rental listings, so naturally there are some castles in the inventory. The spotlighted castles span the globe, with some in France, Germany, Italy and Scotland. (P.S. Flights to Europe right now are much cheaper than usual, too!)

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But there are also some castles you can rent right here in the U.S., including a whimsical one in Washington and a stately castle in New Hampshire.

Here are five more of our favorite castles that are available for rent.

1. Restored Castle In Montegabbione, Italy

This restored 13th-century castle in a country village starts at $229 per night.


2. “Dungeon” In La Flocellière, France

This medieval dungeon has a heated pool and granite staircase. It can sleep 10 people and starts at $320 per night.


3. Victorian Estate In Piru, California

Just north of Los Angeles, this historical estate has eight luxurious bedrooms and can accommodate 20 overnight guests. The grounds can host 300 guests for events. There are some cool amenities, too, including an underground tavern, wine cellar, pool and fire pit as well as citrus and olive groves. Rates start at $4,033 per night.


4. Duns Castle In Duns, Scotland

This 14th-century Scottish Castle sits on a 1,200-acre estate and is just an hour south of Edinburgh. With a dozen rooms, this castle starts at $3,108 per night.


5. Elegant Castle In Tipperary, Ireland

This one isn’t as historic as some of the others, but the restored 19th-century castle is set on scenic rolling hills. It sleeps up to 16 and starts at $1,065 per night.


Airbnb also has plenty of amazing castles available for rent. Check out 13 of our favorites in Europe.

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Oh, and if you are in the market to actually buy a castle… you can do just that. The UK’s “smallest castle” is on the market.