McDonald’s McPizza Is Still Sold At 2 U.S. Restaurants

Have you been living your life in a slump without McDonald’s pizza? If not, OK fine, that’s not so unreasonable. Some of us didn’t even realize McDonald’s ever made pizza.

But if there’s a gaping hole in your heart the size of a McPizza, we have good news for you. McDonald’s still makes its pizza in two U.S. restaurants.

The McPizza was born in Canada during the 1980s and quickly came to the states. Unfortunately, it was not to last—the pie was discontinued in the late 1990s due to high prices and long wait times. Luckily, most people were too distracted by the french fries to take much notice.

For those who want to experience a McPizza again, get ready to head out to either Pomeroy, Ohio or Spencer, West Virginia. The menu item is still available there thanks to franchise owner Greg Mills. Though it’s not the same exact recipe as the original McPizza, it’s still pretty darn impressive that Mills has protected it all these years.

This all came to light after three Canadian men traveled almost 1,000 miles roundtrip just to get a McPizza. Nathan Dallaire, Dan Sutherland, and Mitchell Boughner drove from Ontario to West Virginia and filmed the whole thing.

“We all ate the pizza when we were kids. It was a simpler time,” Mitchell Boughner told TODAY Food in an interview. “We just decided to film it for fun. We definitely didn’t expect it to go viral.”

Their road trip has inspired a number of others to hit the road and get their own McPizza.

But the question is, was the 1,000-mile trip worth it?

“Absolutely!” Nathan Dallaire told TODAY Food. “We wanted to make some memories and eat some pizza. It was delicious back then and it tasted just like we remembered it.”

There you have it: If nothing but McPizza will do, you know where to go.