You can swim from room to room in this Miami home

If you are shopping for a place to live in Miami, odds are you like the water. But why just buy a house near the water when you can have the water IN your house?

This is Woodsong, located in Miami’s Coconut Grove area and designed in 1968 by Alfred Browning, who apparently decided he wanted to live in the Amazon rain forest while never leaving South Beach.

The calling card of this unique property is a 90-foot lap pool that connects the three structures that make up the home, which means people can swim from room to room.


And with four bedrooms, five bathrooms and 3,100 square feet, you better be a good swimmer. You can check out the floor plan on Planomatic, but the house basically consists of a dining pavilion, a living room pavilion and a bedroom pavilion. So actually, it might be better to just get an inner tube and lazily float from room to room.

In addition, the house features a lagoon, waterfall, sauna and an 18,000 square-foot palm garden. The only thing it’s missing is a racy promotional trailer.


But before you go getting your floaties fitted, you might want to check the sticker price. The house is listed at $2.75 million. And that is before the water bill.

So for now, you might have to settle for your regular old one-building house and just try to install a shipping container pool. If you serve enough margaritas at your pool party, maybe your guests will start to think the pool is 90 feet long.

Of course, having a lot of water in your home may not be all it’s cracked up to be. After all, Florida is known for large things that like to swim in the water. Plus, think of how permanently pruned your fingers and toes would be from spending all day swimming from room to room.