Can These Durable Socks Replace Shoes?

If you’re one of those people who wishes you could cruise around life wearing only socks, well, your wish has been granted.

These sock-shoes are called Skinners. They’re heavy-duty socks with a touch of stretchy material on the bottom. Skinners supposedly provide “a more natural walking or running experience, similar to ‘barefoot’ running shoes,” according to The Verge. The Skinners Kickstarter campaign bills them as “revolutionary ultraportable footwear.”

We’ll admit these shoe/sock hybrids look comfy, and they certainly would be easier to pack when traveling than a pair of sneakers. The bottom layer of the sock is waterproof and is durable enough to protect feet from broken glass.

Skinners aren’t meant to be a full-time replacement for shoes, although the author of The Verge article did indeed try wearing them without shoes. Owing to antibacterial technology (they are made with silver thread), they don’t get smelly after you wear them, which is always a plus.

Skinners’ Kickstarter campaign has already exceeded the initial goal. Suggested price is $45 and, if all goes well, they hope to start delivering Skinners in December.

[h/t: The Verge]