Can you eat peach skin?


Nothing says summer like biting into a ripe and juicy peach. When enjoying this seasonal fruit, you may be wondering if it’s OK to eat the skin. You’re probably used to peeling some fruits (like bananas) while eating others with the skin on (like apples). So can you eat peach skin? The answer is yes!

What’s With The Fuzz?

As with any fruit, make sure to wash it well before indulging. Giving a peach a good rinse before eating is the best way to get rid of harmful bacteria, dirt and chemicals.

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Peach skin is a little bit fuzzy, which may make you averse to eating it, but it’s totally safe to do so. The reason for peach fuzz is not completely clear, but some experts think it’s there for extra protection. Peach skin is thin and delicate, so think of the fuzz as a little “jacket” to keep the fruit from rotting and protecting it from insects.

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Is It Nutritious?

Not only is peach skin not harmful, but it’s actually pretty good for you. The skin of a peach is chock full of fiber, vitamin A and antioxidants. Much of the fiber, in particular, can be found in the skin of a peach. Fiber is good for digestion, helps you feel full and is heart-healthy as well. The fresher the peach, the more antioxidants you’ll get. Antioxidants are key to preventing oxidative damage, which leads to disease.


Peaches are also a good source of vitamin C, and they also have potassium, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin K, copper, and manganese. So go ahead and enjoy peaches — skin and all — they do a body good!

How To Peel Peach Skin

Can you eat peach skin? By now, you know that the answer is yes. However, it doesn’t mean you have to eat it. If you’d rather not, it’s perfectly fine to peel your peaches before consuming. To do so, you can use a peeler. Another option is to boil peaches in hot water for a few seconds. This works well for very ripe peaches. Before boiling, you’ll want to score the peaches with a small paring knife. After boiling the peaches for 10 to 20 seconds, transfer them to a bowl of ice water. After a minute, remove the peaches, and you’ll be able to easily pull the skin off with your fingers.

What To Do With Peach Skin

If you do peel your peaches, you can make use of the skin rather than just throwing it away. When mixed with sugar, water and lemons, peach skins can be used to make some yummy and fresh peach jam, which is great for filling biscuits or topping on bread.


Peach skins and pits can also be used to make delicious peach syrup, which makes for a wonderful seasonal topping for pancakes and waffles. It would also be a divine topping for ice cream. This is a great way to use up the peach skins if you’re canning peaches.

Can you eat peach skin? Yes, and you can drink it, too! Peach iced tea is a refreshing beverage that’s fun to sip on all summer long.


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