Can You Find The Hidden Images In This Picture?


In this drawing, you can clearly see a man’s face. But can you find the three hidden images?

According to BrainBashers, this image first appeared in an advertisement for the Ford Pill Company. Hidden in the picture are his three daughters. Can you find them?

Here, get a closer look at the image (which I think looks like Abraham Lincoln, by the way—not sure if that was the artist’s intent!).



Another side note: This image also reminds me of a Shel Silverstein drawing. Like something you’d find “Where The Sidewalk Ends” or “The Giving Tree” or “A Light In The Attic.”

If you need a hint, BrainBashers has a nifty little button called “swap image.” It will highlight the hidden images you are seeking. And then come back for more.

Ready For Another?

The Coffer Illusion—which has been making the rounds on Facebook—has everyone questioning the sanity of the person who first created it and posed the question: How many circles are there really?

Because: wait. Circles? Are you out of your mind?

Take a look at the image in question:

At first glance, this would appear to be just a bunch of black and white lines and squares. But no. There are actually 16 circles in this photo. Can you spot them? Take a second to stare at it.

Or a minute.

Or an hour.

As one commenter on the photo said, “Once you see them, you can’t unsee them.” Still can’t find them? I’ll give you a hint: Look between the rectangles…

Ohhhhhhhh… now I see it. Do you?

Now Try This Triangle Puzzle

Hey, speaking of shapes, here is a brain teaser recently posted by Quora that has been making the rounds on the internet lately.

The image shows a large triangle broken up into smaller triangles:

So just how many triangles are there? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to total up all of the triangles in this photo, including the triangles made up of other triangles.

I’ll give you some time to count them all.

So, ready for the answer?

There are *SPOILER ALERT* a total of 24 triangles in this puzzle. You can see an illustration of all 24 here if you don’t trust me.

And if you want to delve deep into the math, you can check out the discussion on Quora.

Which Letter In The Alphabet Is Not In Any U.S. State’s Name?

Here’s a fun brain puzzle: Can you name the one letter in the alphabet that doesn’t appear in any of the names of the 50 United States?


Got an idea? Maybe you guessed J. And you’d be close — the letter J actually appears in only one state name: New Jersey.

Another Simplemost staffer guessed X out of the gate.

But that’s not right because:



And New Mexico.


Ready For The Answer?

You sure?

Get it here.

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