Can you find a cat among the owls?

Dudolf puzzle with owls and a cat
Facebook/Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

Here at Simplemost, we’re fans of Dudolf puzzles. These visual delights give your brain a workout as you struggle to seek and find one item (or animal) among many similar ones. Think “Where’s Waldo,” but without the guy in the striped red-and-white shirt.

The Dudolf puzzles come from Gergely Dudás, who has more than 167,000 followers on Facebook and another 49,000 on Instagram where he gets a touch more personal by showing off his tattoos and wedding pictures (we had no idea he was so young). His illustrations are whimsical and way cuter than Wordle. Just saying.

In one of his latest puzzles, you have to find a cat among owls. Given both these animals have pointy ears, this is harder than you might think. Here’s the pic from Facebook, but note that (as always) you may have to go to the Dudás website to see the entire original image at a larger size that might make the puzzle easier to solve.

Having trouble? Here are some hints. First, go through the whole puzzle, scanning slowly. Pay particular attention to the right middle of the page.

The trick is to look for the cat’s muzzle. While the owls all have orange dots for beaks above their rounded chests, the cat’s orange dot is actually a nose, so the muzzle’s curve is different.

This one is tough! If you need the solution, you’ll want to visit the blog.

And now, if you’re hooked on all things Dudolf, you’ll want to try more. From locating a chick among ducks to mice among squirrels, you’ll have a blast seeking out the one animal you want.

Of course, Dudolf does different kinds of puzzles as well. Here’s one from Facebook that’s math-related:

And here’s one that has you locating six differences between the two images:

So, if you’re looking for a break from the daily grind that will tease your brain and challenge your abilities, may we recommend more Dudolf as part of your daily regimen?

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