Can you find the hidden game on the Nintendo Switch?


The Nintendo Switch continues to rise in popularity and once again outsold the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August. It marks the fourth time in the last six months that it beat its competitors.

For $299, Nintendo branded the Switch as a “home console you can take anywhere”, meaning it is mobile, unlike the PlayStation and Xbox. When it debuted in March 2017, some people waited weeks just to get their hand on the first ones. The gaming system also has titles people love, including “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, the best-selling standalone title in Nintendo history.

But while players love new games, many also feel the classic ones games are just as fun. The nostalgia factor for these old-school games runs strong for video game players. Nintendo apparently agrees and tucked away a little gift for retro games deep within the Switch operating system. According to multiple reports, the 1984 NES game “Golf” hides within the Nintendo Switch, just waiting to be unlocked.

Twitter breaks the news about Nintendo Switch hidden game

The news emerged via Twitter user yellows8 and on, a site focused on hacking and analyzing the software that powers the Nintendo Switch. Back in July people talked about a built-in NES game buried in the code called “Flog.” But just recently gamers realized that Flog is “golf” backward, and it is appears to be one specific game, not a general emulator (multi-game platform) as originally suspected.

Other users report the Switch version of the game differs than the original. Players can use the motion controls, instead of just the system’s JoyCon controllers.

The problem? No one knows how to unlock the game and Nintendo has not yet confirmed its existence. Yellows8 says he ran the game unofficially to capture screenshots. The finding may, however, point to the Switch eventually getting access to multiple NES games. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see!

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