Can you find the 3 birds hidden in this field of fall fruit?

busy illustration of fall pumpkins, gourds and eggplants

Are you missing the birds that might have flown south to escape the incoming winter weather? Here are a few new ones … but it won’t be easy to find them. Artist Gergely Dudás (a.k.a. Dudolf) is back with one of his maddening yet enticing “seek and find” pictures, and this one’s especially seasonal. Take a look and see how quickly you can find the three birds hidden in this crazy quilt of pumpkins and other fall foods.

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If you’ve seen any of Dudolf’s puzzles on Simplemost or his brain-teasing blog, you know he’s got a knack for making the things you’re trying to find look almost exactly like the tons of other objects cluttering the frame. Here’s a pro tip: Don’t spend ages like we did trying to figure out what those purple things are. Are they little birds with cute hats? Are they grenades? No, they’re eggplants, right? We’re pretty sure they’re eggplants.

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Eggplants fit in with the seasonal theme alongside patches full of pumpkins and other decorative gourds that lend themselves to a good game of hide and seek like this. If you’re hungry for more you can find other Thanksgiving-themed fun from Dudolf here, or test your eyesight against this more recent Halloween picture puzzle from Spin Genie.

If all this autumn eye candy is inspiring you, there’s still time to stock up your garden for a harvest of fall colors or prep your drink cabinet for that Halloween house party. Simplemost is full of tips and other timely fun over on the Fall roundup.

But back to the original puzzle. Given up yet? If you’ve scoured the screen and still can’t find those “three little birds,” allow us to quote from its namesake song by Bob Marley: Every little thing is gonna be alright. We’ve got the solution right here, which doubles as a cute explainer video showing how Dudolf painstakingly creates and colors his signature images. (The big reveal comes at 2:04 if you’re pressed for time.)

Happy puzzling!

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