Can you find which bird is wearing a unique hat?

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We love Gergely Dudás’ (aka The Dudolf’s) puzzles because they challenge us to pay attention to detail. Usually, his pictures are crammed full of subjects for our eyes to scan and search for a solution.

Sometimes, though, The Dudolf enjoys throwing his fans a bit of a curveball by changing things up. A recently shared puzzle has less than three dozen birds to study to find which one is wearing a unique hat.

Sounds simple, right?

There may not be as many objects as we’re used to, but the devil is in the hat details. They all look so similar!

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Just when you think you’ve found the unique hat, a twin pops up in another part of the picture.

If you need a little assistance to find the bird with the unique hat, we have a few tips for you.

First, we often find it helpful to go directly to The Dudolf’s website to get a larger version of the puzzle image. Once on the website, double-click the photo to see the bigger image. This makes it easier to look closely at the critical details needed to find the solution.

As you scan the photo, first try to look for the matching hats. When trying to solve these puzzles, it’s important to remember the artist deliberately makes the details frustratingly similar. So, when trying to find a unique item, it can help eliminate matching sets first.

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As a last resort, Dudás provides the puzzle solution, typically linked right below the puzzle.

If you love these puzzles, check out The Dudolf’s website, where the Hungarian illustrator keeps a full collection of puzzle brainteasers.

And if those are not enough puzzles for you, Dudás also has some children’s books that incorporate puzzle pictures that tie in nicely with special times of the year.

You can find “Bear’s Springtime Book of Hidden Things,” “Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things,” and “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things” on Amazon.

Gergely Dudas/Amazon

Or, check in daily on The Dudolf’s Facebook page for a daily puzzle to challenge yourself.

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