Cancer-Stricken Dad Marks Future Milestones With His Kids In A Moving Photoshoot

Ray Burrow knows he won’t be able to walk his daughters down the aisle to get married. He’ll also miss seeing his children graduate from high school.

But the dad of three from North Carolina, who’s nearing the end of a long cancer battle, wanted to leave his children with those memories anyway. A local photographer helped the Burrow family with a photo shoot, to create something his wife and children can look at forever when they want to think of their time together.


Burrow’s wife Christy told CBS News:

I knew there was no time to waste. My husband and I have made every effort to keep our children’s lives as normal as possible so I knew this was our opportunity to give our children memories that they would need to carry with them through some of the hardest days that are sure to come.

The team at Southern Fried Photography created photos they’ll cherish forever. Burrows’ daughters donned wedding gowns, one of them wearing the gown their mother wore to marry their father. Then all the children put on their caps and gowns for another round of photos. Burrows handed off a set of car keys to his not-yet-16-year-old children, too, and was photographed clowning around with the whole family.


The photographers wrote, “Although he was tired, in pain, and a bit disoriented, he toughed it out during a hot and humid afternoon to leave some eternal memories for his family.”


According to the family’s YouCaring page, Burrow has been fighting throat cancer for three years. He’s been through surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and hyperbaric chamber treatments along the way, and this April the family made the tough choice to end treatment.

If you’d like to help the Burrows family as they prepare to say goodbye to Ray, you can contribute on their YouCaring page.

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