This candle melts to reveal a spooky unicorn skeleton


It’s usually not a good thing when your candles have completely melted, as it means it’s time to invest in some new ones. There is now a candle, however, where getting to the end of the wick actually just means you’re getting something brand new.

This PyroPet purple unicorn candle on Amazon melts to reveal a creepy, but also pretty adorable, skeleton. Priced at $52, it’s a bit expensive for a candle, but it has a burn time of 16 hours and you’re left with a pretty fun decoration once it’s melted.

With more than 1,470 reviews, it holds 4.8 out of 5 stars. Reviewers say it burns well and is fun to watch melt.



If unicorns aren’t your thing, the same brand, PyroPet Store, does have other melting candles — including a dog, dragon and reindeer. Some are currently sold out, but the dragon is in stock and about $20 cheaper than the unicorn at $31.07.

There is also a gummy bear skeleton candle that is in stock from another brand, Skeleton Candles. It costs $40. The gummy bear has a burn time of 5-7 hours and a fruity scent.


If these candles are a bit out of your price range, Bath & Body Works’ Halloween collection is full of spooky candles all for around half the price of the unicorn. While none of them melt to reveal a decoration, many of them come in containers or have labels that are equally adorable and the scents sound amazing.

This Haunted Nights candle has a forest-like aroma featuring clary sage, mahogany and verbena, reminiscent of an evening hayride or a ghost hunt in the woods, while the label is purple with skeletons. If you’re more into classic fall scents, Pumpkin Carving smells like freshly-carved pumpkin, spiced pumpkin seeds and brown sugar. 

Bath & Body Works

You’ll also find a bat pedestal holder that can make any candle spookier or this tiny black cat that clings to the side of any large candle or cup.

Will you be ordering a spooky candle in time for Halloween?

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