These Candles Smell Just Like Disneyland

There’s no greater feeling than walking the streets of Disneyland or Disney World, inhaling the scents of freshly-baked churros and the chlorinated smells of the water rides—they do call it the “Happiest Place On Earth” for a reason, after all.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be in the magical world of Disney as often as we’d like to be, but we can recreate that ambiance with these amazing Disney-scented candles from Etsy user Anthology Candles. 

Shop owner Rheney Williams offers “whimsically-inspired, Disney-inspired” soy candles that come in scents such as “Main Street Bakery,” “Haunted Manor,” “Churros,” “The Matterhorn,” “Pineapple Whip,” and more.

They’re made from all-natural soy wax and contain low-smoke, clean-burning wicks, which means you won’t have to worry about any black soot in the jar. Each of these candles costs $16 on Williams’s Etsy page.

Nothing compares to the real deal, but these candles come pretty close. Many of William’s reviews note how much these candles really do help them feel as if they’re in a Disney park.

If you can’t ride Splash Mountain, a “Splash Down” candle is probably your next best bet. Longing for the smell from your favorite Disney resorts? Try a “Floridian” or “Polynesian” candle to get you through till your next visit.